Monday, December 12, 2016

SWEDEN WEEK 89: Room Service and Christmas Spirit

God Jul! 

Lots of good good service this past week, pretty much the gist of what we did. This week also concluded the transfer, and we have received the calls for the upcoming one. Elder Weaver will continue his travels in Malmö and continue to be a ZL there, and I will be receiving Elder Richardson who has been serving in Handen's ward. We have run into each other multiple times on the mission, never served around each other but have gotten to know one another a little bit and are absolutely thrilled to be comps. He comes from the same group as Elder Weaver and was one of Elder Murri's MTC companions. Going to be an awesome transfer, no question! Elder Wilson in the other Gubbängen area will be headed to Skellefteå to be with Elder Hainsworth, and replacing him here will be Elder Frankman who was one of my Zone Leaders when I was in the Malmö zone. Also, Elder Loertscher is headed to Borlänge to be District Leader, which means workovers with my son! Tons of other changes to, including changing the Umeå I area to a Sister area. 

But anyway, the events of the week are as follows...

On Monday, Elder Weaver and I picked up our White Elephant gifts in Stockholm for the Christmas Conference the next day, then went back to the chapel and played some B-Ball with some other Elders. We proselyted in Farsta that evening, contacting a bunch of people and even taught a few lessons as well. The next day was the long-awaited Christmas Zone Conference, and it was terrific. We received some awesome training on attitude and faith, and were reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. Lots of awesome musical numbers from missionaries in both Norrland and Stockholm Zone. The gift exchange was a riot, and the lunch was delicious. Hard to believe that was my last Zone Conference and last Christmas one, too. After all the jubilee and clean-up, we headed to the Arnegårds for dinner and the other Elders shared a message about our divine identity. 

We were recruited to take the Handen Elders' shift of cleaning around the temple on Wednesday morning, and spent our rotation cleaning up the rooms in the guest home. It was peaceful and calming being able to do some service by the House of the Lord. Later, we visited Jorgé and Hanna as usual and taught the Plan of Salvation after dinner. We then headed to the chapel and taught our Albanian friend Christoffer about the Restoration. It was incredible to see how much his belief in God and faith was similiar to principles and doctrine that we believe. Before we even started teaching are were setting expectations with him, he told us how he believes that God wants the same power that he has for us, that he wants us to have his glory. Heavenly Father truly does prepare his children. Very strong-spirited lesson. 

Went on Splits with Elder Baquedano Thursday and despite some fallen through lessons we were able to teach Dieudonné and utilize some of Elder Baquedano's French, as well as have a good contacting stund on Södermalm. We met a 99 year old woman from the UK who is soon turning a hundred and has lived in Sweden for over 70 years. We went over to Eva's house and had some English conversation with her and her daughter and her daughters friend, who is actually really interested in our church and loves the songs in the Book of Mormon Musical haha. We invited the daughter and her friend to a YSA activity next week and they seemed eager to go. Sports Night concluded the day, and it was a really big turnout. 

The rest of the week consisted of doing Stake Reports for the month of November for Elder Weaver and I with some other service opportunities. We had an apartment check Friday morning then headed to the chapel to do the reports. Friday night we got the transfer info, then delivered it to the zone Saturday morning. We then headed to the chapel and helped Hans with the weekly cleaning, then afterwards helped the Åkerbrand family move into their new home. They recently came back after living in UAE for almost seven years. We finished up some more reports after all that then had dinner with the Senior Couple that works in the Mission Office, the Clouses. Good way to end a busy day. 

Sunday was the normal church meeting times, and Elder Weaver and Elder Wilson both bore powerful departing testimony. That evening was the annual Christmas Concert for the Stockholm and Stockholm South Stakes, and there was an awesome turnout of both members and non-members. A beautiful ending to the Sabbath. 

Pondering and studying the Savior's example in the New Testament in correlation with #LightTheWorld each day has been so refreshing and has helping me keep Christ in focus everyday. I've been reminded of his qualities and attributes, including kindness, tenderness, selflessness, diligence and his ability to inspire others to act in faith. He had a clear sight on his mission while on Earth, and he never strayed from it. I loved how the Savior took the time to "[lay] his hands on every one of [the sick], and [heal] them" as recorded in Luke 4. Even during times of hardship and trial, Christ took no thought for himself and ministered to those in need. I am grateful for his eternal example of love and goodness and hope to share that light with many during this wonderful season. Continue to follow the Savior's example each day and watch your love for others and yourself grow! 

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