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SWEDEN WEEK 91: Last Christmas and Tracting Cheer

Hey there everyone! 


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday and that Santa fulfilled all your wishes. Going to keep this one pretty brief, but basically we had an absolutely wonderful Christmas here and were well taken care of! The days before the Holidays were spent tracting out in Sköndal some more and contacting people in Farsta and Hökarängen. On top of that, we also got to meet with a good amount of people, including some new ones.

Ludvig, our young Swedish Padawan is doing great! We met with him Tuesday before he left for his Christmas travels, and taught about the Priesthood, specifically the blessings of it. We also watched a little bit from President Monson's biography movie which was good for him to build his connection with the living Prophet. 

Speaking of young Swede's, Elder Richardson and I also got to meet with three high school kids and show them around the chapel and then teach them about the Restoration. This was a way better experience with students then I've had in the past; all three of them were pretty into what we were saying and made comments about doctrines we taught sounding familiar. They were surprised that we actually answered all their questions haha! Going to meet with them in two weeks time so looking forward to see what they thought of their Book of Mormon presents that we gave them. 

Dieudonné is also doing well. He came to our Christmas program yesterday and we were able to teach him during the week about the Word of Wisdom. He is eager to follow it! Other highlights were Sports Night as usual on Thursday night, but we also went out as a District that afternoon and did some caroling on the streets of Stockholm. Felt really good to raise my voice in song about my Savior and smile at the passing people. Though most were busy with their day and walked by without a second glance, there were a few who stopped and listened and even filmed or took pictures of us. One lady even tried to give us money, but we gave her a wrapped Book of Mormon instead haha. Also, Elder Richardson and I made some cookies and delivered them to Naasi and Daniel, the Bishop, and the couple that we taught a couple weeks ago.

Christmas Eve was fun! Lots of Disney movie watching! Spent the day at Pablo's and watched the traditional Kalle Anka program at 15.00, then ate a yummy Schnitzel dinner with the Stockholm Elders and Shafiq and Najib (Persian members in our ward). Christmas day we had a nice Sacrament meeting program in church with musical numbers and Christmas hymns. Elder Frankman and I and Elder Richardson even performed some vocal numbers. After the meeting, we were surprised by the Relief Society with two huge crates to each of our companionships containing presents and goodies and Christmas food. SUPER NICE! We then went to the Ridells and spent the rest of the day there having the traditional Swedish Julbord and watching more movies. Second Swedish Christmas, completed.

I think the best way to spend Christmas is service. It felt good to simply help Pablo with the dishes and to talk to the Ridells and just get to know them and talk about the Gospel together with them and their 15 year old son, Mikael. The Savior unselfishly loved and served and did so much that we can never repay him for. May we all remember him as we continue into a new year! 


Mycket kärlek,    

Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

Mailing Information

Elder Stefan Reed
Enebybergsvägen 38
182 46, Enebyberg

Christmas goodies after tracting!

District Caroling!

District Caroling!

Sneaky cam by Elder Frankman during our lesson with Dieudonné. Elder Richardson is praying fyi

Cookie making!

Christmas Eve morn, opening gifts

Christmas Eve morn, opening gifts

With Pablo!

Christmas Day with the Ridells!

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