Monday, January 9, 2017

SWEDEN WEEK 93: Goal Striving and Snowy Contacts


Just so you know, winter is here to say and I busted out my bigger coat. The Umeå memories flooded in as soon as I stepped outside in the full winter gear. Pretty manageable weather so far but I'm not playing the Theoden card this year; I expect it to get worse haha. 

This week was a bit of everywhere. Elder Richardson and didn't see everything happen that we wanted to, but in the end we learned lots of things this week about ourselves and helping others, and had some good experiences along the way. Monday was running around checking out stores and then making sure we got to Fisksätra on time so we could get in contact with some less-actives. Mild success there with the less-actives but some good street contacts while we swung by people. We also visited Jan and strengthened his spirituality. 

On Tuesday we had the first MLC of the year and combined forces as leadership in the Sweden, Stockholm mission to determine the new Standards of Excellence and Key Indicator goals that we will be striving to achieve this year. Lots of opinions were shared and decisions were made, and for me I left with the take away that we as leaders do have a big responsibility and that we can improve how we work with our missionaries. Lots of accountability reminders. Big focus on member work as well and things to focus on there. Draining meeting but very good nonetheless.

We went on splits with the Jakobsberg Elders on Wednesday and Elder Olson and I had a solid finding day, nothing but contacting and tracting. It was neat to see the growth in Elder Olson as we had been on splits before two transfers ago. Though the weather was cold and the rejection was high that day, we had a good time and were super motivated throughout the day. We found a couple potential people near the end of the day that would be open to a visit. 

District meeting on Thursday with the Stockholm crew, then Stake reports and Sports night. Nobody at Sports night this week besides us and Bryte (member in our ward). On Friday, we went to the office to attend Jakobsberg/Täby's District meeting and were spiritually upplifted there. Elder Richardson and I then traveled to Fisksätra again and found some solid success with finding potential investigators. We look forward to following up with them this week. Still working on getting in contact with those less actives. Saturday was a Stake Report grind day. 

Sunday was, as always, a spiritual relief and boost. Both Elder Richardson and Elder Frankman held fantastic talks during Sacrament meeting, as well as our Bishop who gave some inspired council to the ward. Dieudonné came and so did Ludvig, who is back from his holiday travels. We taught Gospel Principles then taught Ludvig after meetings to follow up with his testimony building. Dinner with Pablo as well afterwards, and then some solid teaching of one of his boarders who came to church today. She is a Finnish girl who is seeking God and wanting to change her life, yet not sure if she is ready to give up the life she currently has. Lots of talk about the Savior and trials, and the choices we make, then we all gathered and watched the Restoration film. She was very interested and asked lots of questions, and listened intently. She is quite the curious one, and is very nice and open to listen to other's viewpoints. Pablo is really counting on this one and we are scheming of how we can continue to teach her. Solid time at Pablo's this week. 

As seems to be the case more and more recently, I have pondered and reflected on the things I have learned so far here in Sweden. It amazes me to see that I have learned a great deal and have had tons of experiences that have helped me learn more of who the Savior is as well as who I am and how I fit into everything. The thought that has most been with me is the enduring question of ,"What can I do to increase my diligence and to serve the Lord each day?" The funny thing about missionary work is that it never really gets easier, but rather more rewarding. As I have done my best to improve and follow the guidance of the Spirit, I have felt lasting joy that has only continued increasing in strength. I'm not perfect and I am still learning tons, and I love it so much. Heavenly Father gives us trials and struggles so that we can grown and continue to be shaped into the children that he knows we can become. Its a beautiful process. 

I wish you all a great week! Take care and know that I love you all!  

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