Monday, January 23, 2017

SWEDEN WEEK 95: All In and Crazy Weirdness

If time was a person I would like to corner him and tell him to stop running so fast because its really frustrating haha. 

This past week we did a little shopping at an ICA and had lunch with Pablo and some of the older gents in the ward. That evening we were super stoked for contacting the world and got out and taught some awesome quick lessons, then we ran into one woman who was into light energies and orbs and we ended up talking to her for about 45 minutes. We set up a lesson with her at the church for later in the week but she didn't come. 

Tuesday was a standard day, got out and contacted in Farsta and tried to swing-by some less-actives as well. Taught a bunch of street lessons and had a good afternoon. That evening, we met up with Elder Richardson's Aunt who happens to be Swedish and who he has never really seen or talked to before. Turns out she lives in America in North Dakota but came back to Sweden to visit her family and such, and it just so happened that Elder Richardson is serving here in Stockholm where she was visiting so we had dinner together with her and a member in our ward who was childhood friends with her as well. Special experience for Elder Richardson and the Lord made this little meeting happen for sure. 

Wednesday marked my final Zone training. It was just wonderful. I know that this mission is in good hands. Lots of big changes are coming to Missionary work, including some changes to the daily missionary schedule come next transfer. There is a Worldwide Missionary Broadcast this Wednesday that will surely talk about the changes so more to come there. The training was great and it was awesome to be able to present the new Standards of Excellence for 2017 and be gathered together as a zone for the first time this transfer. Finally! I had the opportunity to bear my "Farewell Testimony" på Svenska to the zone and see some of my fellow Elders in my MTC group share theirs as well. We have all grown so much, its incredible. It was a wonderful meeting to also reflect on the events of 2016 and the success that the mission has seen. Miracles have and are continuing to happen! 

Went on my final splits ever with the Stockholm Elders, Elder Martineau was my final Splits-ee (not sure what you would call that) and we had a solid day in our area. Lots of contacting in Farsta, a solid dinner with the Delgaisos, and Sports night. Shout-out to Elder Martineau, the most advanced missionary for the time he has been out on a mission (his Swedish is impeccable!). Friday was spent doing weekly planning after having lunch with the Stockholm Elders, then we helped out at an event for the homeless with the Stockholm and Jakobsberg missionaries downtown. Didn't turn-out to be the kind of service we had expected, ask me about the full story later haha. That evening Elder Richardson and I then went to the Thijssens to celebrate William's 12th Birthday, but before that did some tracting in Tyresö. 

Saturday flew by! We helped out with cleaning of the chapel, then had lots of teaching appointments set up for the rest of the day, to which only a couple panned out. Nonetheless, we taught Ludvig and had another Spirit-filled lesson with him. We taught about Testimony and how we can grow it, then got into the main event concerning his baptism. After bearing of testimonies, assurances, and a powerful prayer. Ludvig has decided to get baptized week. It was amazing to witness the Lord answer our prayers and his directly in that lesson. He knows he needs to take a step of faith and he is holding onto his spiritual experiences as anchors to sail past his doubts. We will be holding the service on Thursday so that both his parents can be there. He passed his interview yesterday and now its just getting the program together. My testimony of prayer and faith has increased so much these past few weeks. Other events on Saturday were teaching Dieudonné and explaining that we dont have anything else to teach him now, which was a little sad but its the point that we had come to. We then headed to Fisksätra, talked to a cool Argentinian on the train ride there, and swung-by a less-active and taught a new investigator named Markus who accepted a Book of Mormon. 

Sunday was hectic but at the same time calming and very peaceful for me. Wonderful sacrament meeting talks, I felt the Spirit strong, the usual teaching of Gospel Principles, and then announcing Ludvig's baptism to the ward and coordinating things with ward leaders. Basically, we spent the whole day with Ludvig haha. Dinner at Pablo's was great, the Stockholm Sisters were able to come and get to know the Finnish girl who may be interested in learning more. By the end of the day, Elder Richardson and I were wiped rather than rested and refreshed. 

This week is going to be incredible, I know it. I know that God answers prayers, and that the Holy Ghost speaks to us personally. I know that it is only as we take a step forward in faith that we will be able to receive greater light and knowledge. More true is the case that God is waiting for us to exercise our faith before we receive an answer to our questions and prayers. Jesus Christ is there to lift us and help us through our doubts. This week will be one that I never forget.

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Cajun Latino food with Elder Martineau and Elder Johnson. Celebrating splits the right way.

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